How It Works

Total cost per team $500.00. Up to 10 players per team min 7 players. First place wins $4,500, second place wins $2,000, third place wins half of their registration fee back, therefor the final three teams standing is declared the winners of the tournament.


We are professional organized sports event planners. DPC sports flag football tournament will start spring 2017. This event will be the new generation of flag football competition. 


Concept: Flag football tournament 7 on 7 maximum of 10 man roster, their will be a maximum of 32 teams, no less than 20 teams per tournament. Each team will need a team manager or captain. Its a $500 register fee in order to qualify and participate. Captains will be in charge of getting teams together and submitting final roster, team name, with each individual first and last name, phone number, one email per team, shoe and shirt sizes, and submitting final payment.

Each game will be 28 minutes long with half time. Elimination is strictly enforced in tournament. When your team loses a match up , your team will be eliminated. Final two teams standing will face off in final championship. Official FFFL commite rules will be regulated.




Each team will be registered before kick off date. Players must bring their own cleats and uniform. Everything else will be provided for tournament.